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2008-12-15 05:08 pm
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Christmas stuff

Asta: A choker
Ivy: A flowering ivy plant and a young gardenia
Kira: A lighter and a cigarette case
Michael: A dagger and a necklace
Spike: Cologne. This is not a subtle hint at all.
Peter: A shirt with a note that says, "See me if you want more training."
Dante: A card case

Short list is short. If you think I forgot you, let me know. Oh, and feel free to pick these things up here ICly or wait until the Christmas Tree post. Just mark the comment as IC, pretty please. ♥
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2008-04-26 07:45 pm
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[IC] Rayne + Rabi + liquor = DAY IN THE LIFE.

*Has Bushmills 1608. 'Least it's 92 proof.*

You in here, kid?
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2008-02-24 03:10 am
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[IC] We keep odd hours.

[Here we have one rogue Dhampir quietly heading from the direction of the (bloody) girls' showers. Most people are sleeping, so there should be no social interaction tonight. Right?]