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BloodRayne 2 has a level-up system that lets you upgrade weapons and abilities based on earned experience after fighting bosses. All of Rayne's powers have a base level and two higher levels, and her guns have five upgrades. The abilities marked with asterisks are things Rayne can't do yet, based on where I took her from (after exiting the sewers). A detailed post on Rayne's weapons and powers can be found here, and one on her blades here.

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Okay, so since a lot of people haven't read these and most people don't have CDisplay, I saved the comics that have been printed thus far into easy little zip files with JPEGs. I'll try to add to these as they are published, but it'll probably be a little while after they come out. If you find you like the canon, please buy them and support future BloodRayne comics.

Skies Afire
Seeds Of Sin
Lycan Rex
Dark Soul
Twin Blades
Plague Of Dreams
Tibetan Heights
Red Blood Run
Tokyo Rogue
Prime Cuts Vol. 1
Prime Cuts Vol. 2 (Scans Pending)
Prime Cuts Vol. 3

Not yet released:
Old World Order Vol. 1-4
Zero Dawn
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Aaaaahhhh I've been working on this for ages. Cutscenes from both games under the cuts! The only ones that are missing are a couple from the starting mission of each game because it's mostly just tutorial-y gameplay, but all of the plot-relevant stuff is here. Obvious warning for spoilers and animated blood, just because.

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