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How long: One day
Where: Home! Well. Back to her world.
What happened: She waited a day to see if others used theirs successfully. Before Rayne came to camp, she was tracking Kagan's children down, eventually finding a master list of all of the members of the Kagan Cult. Afterward, she was investigating the disappearances of homeless/street people when she found that they were being rounded up "like some sort of underground railroad" by a band of Asian dhampir that called themselves Kestrels. She followed the trail through the streets, into an abandoned subway, and finally an old night club set up inside the train station. She tracked them through the sewer line, and into an old chemical processing facility. She finds "The Shroud" by grinding up the street people and mixing the liquid with some sort of caustic chemicals, which is then pumped through air vents at the top of the building to create a barrier from sunlight. She's confronted by Ferril, another of her half-sisters, a cat-like, blue-skinned vampire who kills one of her own men for pissing her off, then taunts Rayne and challenges her to meet her on the roof to fight. Rayne follows her to the roof, destroying more of the tower's systems as she goes. She faces Ferril and cripples the shroud tower, but is knocked back by the explosion and pinned under wreckage, assumed dead by Ferril. Kagan shows up and admonishes Ferril. Ephemera stabs Ferril through the back and throws her off the tower, and she and Kagan leave. Severin helps Rayne out of the wreckage, and she tells him that she's happy that Kagan's alive, so that she can finally kill him herself. Severin tells her to look out over the city, and Shroud is seen covering the sky from several other towers peppered around the cityscape. Trees and plants wither and die, nearly every building in the city has been rigged to explode, and vampires pour out and go about their slaughter.

Rayne and Severin escape to a park, and they determine that Kagan's tower has to be the one left standing, and en route, she again runs into Ephemera, whom Rayne fights and finally kills. She then stumbles upon Ferril, who's still very alive, planning a counterattack on Kagan, and Rayne sneaks onto one of her helicopters before they leave for Kagan's tower. When they're almost there, the choppers are hit by a huge burst of sunlight and crash, Rayne jumps through one of the building's windows before they go down, and meets Xerx who admits to creating a sun-cannon for attacking his father's vampire enemies. Rayne destroys the small cannons set up around the room and he takes an elevator to the roof. (They like fighting on rooftops in this game, can't you tell?) Rayne follows him, finding more of his inventions-- bio-suits that he's grown in tubes, sort of like biological mechs or mobile armor units. On the roof, Xerx fights her in a larger, more powerful version of the suit, and when defeated, falls through a sunroof to the next floor down. She jumps in after him, following the corridor, which leads to Kagan's throne room. They fight and banter and then she cuts him up and decapitates him. Yay!

Canon update?: Yep! Read above. :Db She's actually being updated to the end of "Plague Of Dreams", though, which can be found in Rayne's journal.
Souvenirs?: Not really souvenirs so much as... provisions. Some clothes, explosives, a couple of guns and ammo for those just-in-case times. About two hundred dollars in cash for her stash.


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