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Rayne's sword once belonged to a powerful vampire overlord, one that was so badass even Kagan couldn't take him on; and in canon, that's definitely saying something. Because Kagan will fuck you up.

The sword itself will ping psychics on a spiritual level, as it houses half of the soul/consciousness of an old vampire warlord from the Edo Period in Japan. The sword occasionally has an aura when in use, which is gold/yellow in colour (I think it's safe to assume that because the sword is contains a spirit, that those who can normally see such things would be able to see this constantly) and there are tribal markings on the right side of the blade near the hilt (seen here) that resemble the tattoos on Rayne's body when she goes Dark Rayne. The first time she's seen in the dark form is when she's using the sword 10 years ago, the second time is when she's fighting Garek, and the third is in Dark Soul. But that's going to be another post entirely. Anyway, Rayne's old Japanese friend explains it better than me:

Hicharo: Within this katana resides enough dark energy to grant our mutual enemy the power he so foolishly and desperately craves. The very soul of the Eastern world's most tyrannical vampire lord is held within the blade-- Akane The Unconquerable, terror to all those who held an innocent heart, defeated two hundred years ago by the first generation of Japanese Brimstone Lords.
Rayne: More and more I wonder why the Brimstone Society doesn't offer a History 101 class to it's members.
Hicharo: Hold on to it too long, and Akane's soul will take possession. This, unfortunately, has happened to my former master, Noboru. Faced with uncertain defeat at the hands of Red Sun Rising, Akane The Unconquerable killed himself, but not before ordering a trusted mage apprentice to bond his soul to his two most beloved possessions: his katanas. Noboru wields one. This is the other-- the reason Red Sun Rising had to be destroyed and the sword removed from it's possession. Noboru was, at best, days away from murdering the entire society and completing his transformation into Akane The Unconquerable by acquiring the second sword. With it, Akane's soul would be whole once more, and any remaining consciousness of my once-noble master would be lost to the resurrected tyrant.
Rayne: Why not just destroy the sword? And how are you able to hold it like that?
Hicharo: For those answers, we must appeal to the realm of magic. The mage who bonded Akane's soul to the blades also rendered them unbreakable through the use of enchantments. But we are not without our own spell-crafters. We've been able to devise an enchantment that protects us against the blade's influences.

Rayne can now use the sword now without it possessing her, but when this happens she still looks like Dark Rayne. The only visible difference is that her eyes glow gold/yellow.

Rayne: Hey... did you see how I was able to stay in control of myself when I held the sword? It was so... strange.
Ayano: Hicharo cast a spell on you while you slept-- an improved form of the incantation that protects he and I from the blade's dark influences. His new spell allowed you to tap into the sword's power without succumbing to it's darkness. Hicharo prepares for every eventuality. He knew the battle might come to rest in your hands.
Rayne: Huh. I could use a man with skills like that.


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