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BloodRayne 2 has a level-up system that lets you upgrade weapons and abilities based on earned experience after fighting bosses. All of Rayne's powers have a base level and two higher levels, and her guns have five upgrades. The abilities marked with asterisks are things Rayne can't do yet, based on where I took her from (after exiting the sewers). A detailed post on Rayne's weapons and powers can be found here, and one on her blades here.

Aura Vision (Base)
One of Rayne's innate powers is the ability to expand her visual perception. In addition to serving as a natural night-vision, Aura Vision allows Rayne to "see" living prey and their state of health regardless of the lighting or whether or not there is a wall between them. Aura vision also enables Rayne to see environmental objects she can manipulate, as well as special markings left by other vampires and dhampir.

Aura Vision Tier Two: Ghost Feed
Ghost Feed enables Rayne to send out an astral version of herself (As seen here and here) to rapidly drain a targeted opponent's life force (it looks like Ghost!Rayne is feeding on them the way she normally does by latching on with her legs) to heal herself, while her physical body is otherwise engaged. When they die, the incorporeal copy can be seen returning to Rayne's body. This only uses a small portion of Rayne's rage.

Aura Vision Tier Three: Enthrall*
Like with Ghost Feed, Rayne sends out a ghost-copy of herself that attaches to the target, but instead of draining them, it sinks into them and the opponent gives off a white aura. They are then forced to fight for her, so she can use them to fall into traps for her or attack/distract enemies. This consumes all of Rayne's Rage Meter when the opponent dies and the ghost double returns to Rayne's body.

Dilated Perception (Base)
Rayne has the ability to "slow down" time. According to canon, in actuality, she's simply processing sensory information so quickly that everything (including herself) seems to be moving in slow motion. This allows her better control for hitting targets, evading attacks and dodging bullets a'la The Matrix.

Dilated Perception Tier Two: Super Speed
This ability enables Rayne to move at her normal speed while her enemies seem to move at a slower pace. This makes them more vulnerable to her attacks and gives Rayne an obvious advantage in a heated battle, as she actually is moving faster than them. (Like Dilated Perception mode but Rayne can move in semi-real time.) Unlike Dialated Perception, this ability requires rage built up from killing targets and can not be used all the time.

Dilated Perception Tier Three: Freeze Time*
Otherwise known as "Godmode". To Rayne, the action is moving so slowly that it nearly stops (but not quite) and she can move in real time, showing that she's processing information extremely fast and is speeding up herself, an ability similar to Daphne in Heroes, but a lot less fast-- though she can still move quickly enough to break something or cut a part off of someone, run around and do some more damage, come back and still see the object(s) flying through the air, etc. This ability drains Rayne's rage quickly and should be used sparingly.

Blood Rage (Base)
Rayne's berserker mode. Blood Rage enables Rayne's attacks to yield a greater amount of damage, and she becomes much more lethal. While in Blood Rage, Rayne is stronger and can't be knocked down by normal attacks.

Blood Rage Tier Two: Blood Fury
Blood Fury is an enhanced version of Blood Rage. Her perception of time slows down more than in Blood Rage and Rayne will move that much faster and inflict that much more damage to her enemies who will be unable to block her frenzy of attacks. Her blades grow longer, the metal turns black, the red aura around them brighter and she can initiate stronger combos while in this mode. The runes on her blades glow red, and red Vampirish markings can be seen lighting up in sequence going up the blades. (From the handles to the tips.)

Blood Rage Tier Three: Blood Storm*
Rayne envelops her body with a whirlwind of blood that rips apart everything in the area, with the exception of the very strong enemies or the bosses. (Within about a 15 foot radius.) Too bad you acquire this near the end of the game. This consumes all of Rayne's Rage Meter.

Dhampir-Attuned Guns
Rayne discovered special guns that have several unique features, called The Carpathian Dragons. They rely solely on blood, (and when you pause the game or use Rayne's Dilated Perception, you can see that the bullets/bombs being shot are made of blood) so that when Rayne is low on ammo, they gain their blood-ammunition supply by draining it from Rayne's victims and storing the blood in their reservoirs, or when empty, drawing it directly from Rayne herself (when she first picked them up, an apparatus in the handle of the gun drilled into her palm to fill the reservoirs). The dual handguns are made to process the blood alchemically in order to create projectiles lethal to vampires and the demonic, but clearly work on humans just as well. They can only be used by dhampir (though it is not explained how or why, but the "Carpathian" part is a hint that they were made by/for dhampir to use for hunting vampires) and have numerous upgrades from their basic firing mode:

BLOOD SHOT (single shot)
BLOOD STREAM (automatic weapon)
BLOOD SPRAY (shotgun flechette-like rounds)
BLOOD BOMB* (time-delayed explosive rounds)
BLOOD FLAME* (bursts of flaming material)
BLOOD HAMMER* (rocket-like high explosives)


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