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-Based on the design originally created by Declan Finney.
-Agent Rayne wields the last set known to exist, though this does not include the existence of other blades.
-Dhampiric strength makes the blades easy to wield.
-Blades are custom-built for the wielder.
-The blades were created from steel, forged with brimstone left behind by demons jumping between their world and ours.
-Vampires and other aberrations of evil are extremely susceptible to the "Hell-born" steel.
-Runes on the blades are of Hellish origin, giving the blades and wielder extra strength.
-The runes focus the wielder's rage and help redirect it through them. (Thus the red aura the blades have when Rayne goes into Blood Rage.)
-Handles created from reinforced steel, allowing the wielder to lift a victim many times their own weight.
-Blade handles are custom-fitted with pivots, giving them the ability to be retracted when not fighting.
-Dragon Pistols are mounted under the blades to the bracers with a pivot mechanism.
-Triggers for the blades are located on the outer portion of the index finger.
-The harpoon is housed under the bracers with a spring mechanism within.
-The harpoon was also tempered over Hellish brimstone.
-The trigger for the harpoon is located on the inside of the palm.
-The harpoon has a timed retraction set by the wielder.

Details can be seen here and here.
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