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[quotes from game 1]
Rayne: Thanks for dragging me out here. You know how I love the water.
Mynce: You're only half vampire. A dip might hurt, but it won't kill you.
Rayne: So does sticking a finger in my eye, doesn't mean I have to do it.

Mynce: What do we know so far?
Rayne: The Earth is round and rotates around the sun...
Mynce: And beyond that?
Rayne: Fine. Newspapers claim the people of Mortton, Louisiana are turning into some type of monster. They're calling them 'Mutates'. Doctors think a new disease is the cause, so they've quarantined the area.
Mynce: You make me proud.
Rayne: There are numerous known biological masses in town. They appear to be the 'carriers' of the condition.
Mynce: And that's where you come in. Destroy the sources of the infection, and as many of the infected townspeople as possible. The disease cannot spread beyond this village.
Rayne: Sort of a radical cure, don't you think?
Mynce: You'll be doing them a favor. In the final stages their brains liquefy and run out their nose and ears.
Rayne: Hell of a cold.

[This one is an easter egg from the PC version.]
Mynce: You've got work to do. Go!
Mynce: Ok... you got me. I'll tell you a secret. If you press left, left, right, up, down, left, down, up, up, all of our clothes disappear.
Mynce: Not fast enough. Try again.
Mynce: Haha! There is no code! You should see yourself, hopping around like a chicken on a hot plate. And only to have us naked in a graveyard.
Mynce: Maybe you chose the wrong profession.
Mynce: I can't believe I kept a straight face that whole time!

Gravedigger: [From inside a mausoleum] Hello? Hello? Is somebody d'ere?
Mynce: Open up.
Gravedigger: Are da maraisreq gone?
Rayne: Is what gone?
Mynce: The Maraisreq. 'Swamp monster'. That's what the Creole call the creatures.
Gravedigger: Are dey gone?
Mynce: Yes. Now open the door.
Gravedigger: [Opens the door] Mon dieu, les diables!
Mynce: Nice welcome for the rescue team.

[A Nazi officer gets an arm cut off by Rayne's blade and runs away screaming]
Rayne: Um, are you okay?

Officer: You! Who are you?! What are you doing here?
Rayne: I'm hungry. Got a minute?
Officer: You impudent bitch. You'll get yours. Intruder! Alarm! Alarm!

Thule Priest: [Reveals that his altar contains a machine gun.] Enough of your insolence. I will prove Aryan superiority to you.
Rayne: Ever heard of overcompensation?

Priest: Contemptuous bitch! Return to hell, you demon!
Rayne: You'll have to try a little harder. I'm still not convinced.
Rayne: [After defeating him] It'll be very warm where you're headed.

Nazi/Daemite: I'll wear you like lederhosen.
Rayne: Whatever you are, you just said the wrong thing.

[Nazi solders are trapped in an elevator shaft]
Soldier 1: What are you doing!?
Rayne: What does it look like? I'm lowering the lift.
Soldier 2: Turn it off!
Soldier 1: I can't!
Soldier 3: Stop the lift! Please!
Soldier 1: You can't do this!
Rayne: [After they are crushed] You really should pay more attention to safety. As you know, most accidents in the workplace can be prevented.

Mauler: I will break you into little pieces.
Rayne: Now you did it. You really scared me.
Mauler: You can't stay up there forever!
Rayne: You're a conversational genius. Keep it up and you'll bore me to death.
Mauler: The time for talk is past.
Rayne: Boy you're tiresome. Guess I have no choice but to kick you till you're dead.
Mauler: I can't be beat that easily! [. . . Dies.]
Rayne: Aaaand wrong again.

Rayne: Wulf. Remember five years ago in Louisiana? You almost killed me. I intend to pay you back... with interest.

Rayne: [After commandeering an experimental mecha, coming up on the other officers]
Mobile Armor Pilot: Unit 3, you're in my zone.
Mobile Armor Commander: Unit 3, REMAIN IN YOUR ZONE! Do you copy, Unit 3? Answer me, Unit 3!
Mobile Armor Pilot: Pull back, Unit 3! I'm in the line of fire!
Rayne: That's the plan.
Mobile Armor Pilot 2: What?
Mobile Armor Pilot: Who is this in unit 3?
Rayne: Just a girl wanting to play with the boys.
Mobile Armor Pilot: For Christ's sake, it's a woman!
Mobile Armor Pilot 2: Jesus! A woman can't operate a mobile armor!
Rayne: You're gonna want to rethink that one, Fritz.
Mobile Armor Pilot: Come on, sweetheart. Do you look as good as you sound?
Mobile Armor Pilot 2: She won't in a second.
Rayne: Even on my worst day I look better than you two.
Mobile Armor Pilot: You know, I've had about enough of you!
Rayne: Now you sound serious.
Mobile Armor Commander: Somebody put a sock in her!
Mobile Armor Pilot 2: I'm going to cut you down.
Rayne: Yeah, yeah. And the other one will blow me to hell. What, do you guys read the same comic books?
Mobile Armor Pilot: I will... dammit. Over and out.
Rayne: Tell you what, I'll only use my left hand. I could close my eyes, too. We should be about even then.
Mobile Armor Commander: Your joking will end soon.
Rayne: But I haven't even told you the one about the banana and the Easter Bunny.
Mobile Armor Pilot: Shoot her legs out from under her!
Rayne: You guys have been aiming?
Mobile Armor Pilot: Birken's down! She's hit Langenfeld!
Radio Voice: Oh my God. Fall back! Fall back!
Rayne: Attack. Fall back. Mobilize. Which one is it?

Rayne: Rayne three, Krauts zero.

Rayne: Say boys, I'm running out of targets. Any more like you at home?
Rayne: Just you and me, Gosler.
Gosler: Who are you? How do you know my name?
Rayne: I've got a shopping list, and we fresh ran out of Gosler. The others were just for fun.
Gosler: Don't kill me! I'll give you what you want! You want the plans for our mobile armor? Anything! Just name it!
Rayne: Good. Here it is: you listening?
Gosler: Yes! I am listening!
Rayne: I want you dead.

[Lycan Rex quotes]
Rayne: [Narrating] Find Lycan empire. Infiltrate Lycan empire. Stop crazy Lycan dictator. Fight insanely powerful Lycan Rex. This shouldn't be too hard, should it? Yeah... right.

Rayne: Be careful in the actions you take. The world has more than it's fair share of villains. Let's try not to create any more.

[Game 2 quotes]
Rayne: I'm expecting a number of horrible deaths tonight.
Severin: Uh huh. I'm betting that dress will cause a few of them.

Severin: Everyone's here but the crownheads of York.
Rayne: They're shooting up in the bathroom with a couple of sultans.

Severin: Not your style, Rayne, but you'll want to be a little cautious, okay?
[Rayne gives him the finger as she starts up a flight of stairs]
Severin: Oh, that's real nice. Both hands on the stair rail, please.

Minion: The Master-- I mean, Mr. Zerenski, would prefer that all the guests remain downstairs, madam.
Rayne: The Master can blow me, monkey-suit.

Severin: It's like all the junkies, homeless and hookers fell into a hole in the ground.
Rayne: Yeah. Or a big goddamn vampire convention pulled into town.

Rayne: Jesus. Trapped in a burning honky-tonk, and the jukebox is downstairs. Somebody is going to suffer for this.

Minion: Sweet Jesus, what the hell?!
Rayne: Aw, now why's it gotta be like that?

Ephemera: [On Severin] Lucky man. I ensure that he dreams of me every night.
Rayne: So that's why he gave up sleeping.

Severin: So, you care about the victims all of a sudden?
Rayne: Huh-uh, but I've got a date and I wanna get there early.

Rayne: Hey Severin, I ever tell you about the butterfly collection I had as a kid?
Severin: ... No, why?
Rayne: I couldn't stand to hurt them, even the dead ones, so I taped them down instead of impaling them on pins.
Severin: Huh, that's interesting. What brings that up?
Rayne: Oh, no reason. Times change, huh?
Severin: Yeah, I'd say so.

Severin: Good. If they have broken through, that's where it is. If not, get ready to say hi to a whole city's supply of homeless, junkies and hookers.
Rayne: Heck, I'm always ready for that.

Rayne: [Sniffs the air] Damn, Severin! It's horrible down here!
Severin: Yeah, well, it is a sewer.

Minion: We're looking for a hot, big breasted, red headed Dhampir! It's not like there's thirty of 'em around here!
Rayne: Next minion softball season is looking pretty grim.

Kestrel: My boys, where they gone? Tsk, tsk. Time to teach you respect girl!
Rayne: Fi-nally! Come over and teach me some! I'm a fast learner.
Kestrel: Oh, I'm gonna teach you this... pretty can be cut off, too. You learn THAT fast alright!
Rayne: Guess those who can't do teach, huh Kestrel?
Severin: Hey Schoolgirl, the east water pump chamber is open. Maybe during recess you can go shut off the pump?

Rayne: Don't make me improvise, pal. You wouldn't like me when I improvise.

Rayne: Meh. Switches and levers are so old school anyway.

Severin: I'm reading another access tunnel across the water. Use the big guns, figure out a way to open that floor!
Rayne: Nothing like hot lead to brighten up my day.

Rayne: Agh. She's family, right?
Severin: Yeah, she's on the Kagan family tree, prodigious baby machine looks like. Past that Brimstone reference on Slezz is obscure, but suggests she's Babylonian Winged Shakab, a really old one. And you know that means?
Rayne: Winged Shakab? ... Huh, I don't know that one.
Severin: [Sighs] Okay, Shakab are born vampires that can only be killed by destroying the heart. Their skin is very, very tough and impervious to blade attack.
Rayne: So, something more... concussive, maybe?
Severin: Sure, maybe. See what you can do.
Slezz: Come closer, Kagan-not-Kagan... I'm starving!
Rayne: Damn! For someone who's blind, she's got wicked aim.
Rayne: That's it. How'd ya like them apples, ya ol' Shakab?

Severin: Excellent. See? That wasn't so tough for you was it? You old rogue dhampir, you. Now. Do you see a way to get to the upper level?
Rayne: I have bowel in my hair.
Severin: Raaayne, climb up to the upper level.
Rayne: [Climbs up Slezz's body to the second story platform. D:]
Severin: Is there a tunnel? That's how they're getting to the subway.
Rayne: ... I think I need a minute alone.

Rayne: Hm. There's no car in this elevator.
Severin: And when has that ever slowed you down?

Rayne: Severin, we could be talking "end of the world" here.
Severin: Definitely. Don't let that happen, Rayne. You might not care much for humans, but its got to be better than living in a vampire apocalypse.
Rayne: Yeah, I'll give you that.

Rayne: So, here we are at the end of the world... and Kagan is alive and well. Well, as far as I'm concerned, I'm still on the clock. You with me?
Severin: Yeah, but I've been thinking... we could escape to the wilderness. Together with our skills, its likely we could survive, maybe find other survivors... but... we aren't going to do that, are we?
Rayne: Huh-uh. I'd say no.
Severin: We're going to continue to track Kagan.
Rayne: That's the plan. He's a goner.
Severin: ...even though civilization has crumbled in in less than four hours, and all hope is definitely, unquestionably lost...
Rayne: Now you're talkin'! I like that attitude. It's gonna to take you places.
Severin: Yeah, I'm terrified that it will...

Rayne: You guys are kinda like ninjas. I hate ninjas.

Rayne: Okay, let's see, what do we have here? Gate I wanna get through but can't, crashed chopper with spinning rotors, seemingly endless supply of determined minions... hmm, I feel a plan coming on.

Rayne: Never fails, right? The one day I get to go to the zoo and none of the animals are out. Either it's too hot, or it's raining, or it's the end of the world. [Notices the mutilated animals] Guh, kinda glad I missed feeding time though.
Shadow Legion: [Mutters in "vampirish"]
Rayne: God, you guys and your stupid, secret dead languages, always showing off.

Rayne: Severin, what makes a corpse twitch?
Severin: I give up, what makes a corpse twitch?
Rayne: It's not a riddle. I'm seeing the bodies of zoo keepers. Definitely dead, but definitely... twitching. What kind of vampirism causes that?
Severin: You saw the trees in the park and the dessicated animals. The Shroud obviously causes some aberrant affects on nature.
Rayne: Yeah, that's true. I'm gonna shoot one.
[She fires her pistols at a cocooned zoo keeper. Thousands of insects come swarming out and form a massive creature.]
Rayne: Uh-oh. Looks like I woke something up.

Rayne: Hey, what about fire? All bullet-proof monsters hate fire!

Rayne: Right now I bet you wanna trade in those big swords for a couple of cheap lighters and a can of hairspray, huh?

Rayne: It's eerie how quiet you guys are. If roaches were eating my flesh, I'd be screamin' like a banshee. Should'a got that "Dark Gift" clause in writing.
Rayne: [To two of Ephemera's vampires speaking in "vampirish"] You think it's cool? Really, it's not that cool. You're probably just making it up as you go.

Severin: Walk softly, Rayne... I don't think you want to disturb these new friends.
Rayne: Agreed. [Spots a running wood chipper.] Huh. Park Services are getting sloppy. Strictly speaking, you're not supposed to leave these on and unattended.
[The wood chipper grumbles loudly.]
Rayne: Oh, perfect! Why does this wood chipper need to have a noisy diesel engine?

Rayne: Hey boys, that's a sweet machine you've got there. But to really appreciate how it works, you need to see one from the inside.

Rayne: Severin, I'm in front of the aquarium. What do you think?
Severin: It's your quickest route.
Rayne: Got it. But if a swarm of parana start walking around trying to eat me in there, you and I are gonna have words.
Severin: Well, that's a given.

Rayne: Perfect. Severin, this whole place is flooded.
Severin: Well, you're going to have to watch out for-
Rayne: Water? Yeah, thanks for the update.

Severin: This is one I really wish I was there to help you with, Rayne.
Rayne: I know, Severin. I've got the same wish.

Rayne: Severin, Ephemera doesn't think you're playing fair~
Severin: Ever notice it's the worst cheaters that always call "unfair?"

Rayne: Hi. Whadya think about that?
Severin: Superb. Very impressive. Now be quiet and look over there.

Severin: "Vengeance" this, "revenge" that. See what that sounds like?
Rayne: Hey, I don't sound like that!

Rayne: [After crashing through a window and rolling across the floor.] Ugh, there's my favorite sound.

Xerx: You don't know me? Why I am Xerx Mephistopheles, Grand Inquisitor!
Rayne: Severin?
Severin: Yes he's on the list... your half brother. Xerx is like, three down from the top. Don't you ever read anything?
Rayne: [Fake cough] FUCK OFF.

Rayne: Woof. Now there is a distinctive aroma.
Severin: Can you identify it?
Rayne: Well, if I had to pick something that smelled like an 'Unraveller', this would be the one.
Rayne: Ye Gods. I think I've found the Unraveller's playroom.
Severin: Everything you hoped for?
Rayne: Oh, for sure. I know I say this all the time, but it's a real shame you're missing this one... whoa, "Unraveller" is not just a funny nickname. Damn.

Xerx: Overlord Kagan has many enemies...
Rayne: You're kinda his bitch, huh?

Xerx: Stand still and I'll destroy you!
Rayne: Yeah. That's big talk for a little guy in an ugly suit. Why don't you come out here and say that?
Xerx: Thank you, no. I'm quite comfortable.
Severin: Rayne, I have no way to get to you or see you. What's happening?
Rayne: Eh, Xerx again. He's being a big bully in his dumb ol' people-suit.
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